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25 March 2023
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Expect a total eclipse of the heart with this special cocktail created to celebrate Scapegrace’s stunning new release.

From the Central Otago-based distillery of beloved Kiwi spirits brand Scapegrace comes ‘Blood Moon’, one of the most exciting New Zealand gin releases of recent times.

This incredible gin’s profile is truly unique, combining both dried and fresh botanicals to create something equal parts delicious, dramatic and refreshing.

Blood oranges sourced in Tauranga provide a floral, sweet and slightly tart finish, raspberries gathered from the Tasman region provide a natural jam-like sweetness, and to round it all off, subtle kaffir lime from Gisborne provides a very welcome fragrance and a sharp lingering finish.

To celebrate this very special release, the Scapegrace team has shared a simply stunning way to enjoy their new drop.

Blood Moon Signature Serve

Textural and juicy with blood orange flesh upfront rolling into resinous juniper and fresh mint, here Blood Moon transforms the simple gin & tonic into something special.

50ml Scapegrace ‘Blood Moon’ gin 150ml tonic water Pineapple wedge, to garnish.

Add ice cubes into a glass, pour over Scapegrace Blood Moon, top with tonic water and garnish with a pineapple wedge. Enjoy!

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