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3 May 2023
smd forest gimlet

This month we’re raising a toast – New Zealand has its first carbon neutral distillery! To celebrate their certification, the Sandymount team have shared a deliciously unique take on a classic cocktail.

Located on Dunedin’s Otago Peninsula, Sandymount reached the milestone just ahead of its second birthday.

Distiller and owner Richard Wilson has taken a long view with building the business, planning reforestation, fruit and botanical plantings on the property and ensuring the buildings themselves leave as small a carbon footprint as possible.

As well as the large-scale functionality, such as the solar array on the roof, Richard says he’s thinking about the little things, from labels made from postconsumer waste to testing soap recipes using spent botanicals and oils.

All the native botanicals that create the awardwinning flavours in Sandymount spirits are harvested from the property, including the six that give Tī Kōuka Forest gin its distinctly New Zealand flavour and the wormwood that gives Sandymount vermouths their astringence.

Forest Gimlet

The gimlet is a favourite all over the world. This version is tailored to the distinctly New Zealand features of our distillery’s Tī Kōuka Forest gin.

The brightness of the lemony elements highlights the fragrant spiciness of the native botanicals, and a little dry vermouth supports the complexity of the floral botanicals.

Just a touch of simple syrup adds balance and structure to the cocktail.


60ml Tī Kōuka Forest gin
30ml lemon juice
15ml Italicus liqueur
15ml Green Marker dry vermouth
15ml simple syrup
Muddled lemon balm


Add three or four lemon balm leaves into your shaker and muddle them.

Add all liquid parts to the shaker with some ice and shake until chilled.

Strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Garnish with a lemon balm leaf.

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