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A message for trouble

Tami Neilson and Jenny Mitchell surrounded by people for their Trouble Finds a Girl music video

Jenny Mitchell has released a powerful music video of Kiwis standing together in solidarity for a safer future for women – an apt message today, on International Women’s Day.

The South Island-raised, alt-country singer-songwriter released ‘Trouble Finds a Girl’ with fellow Aotearoa artist Tami Neilson late last year. The emotional, moving single deals with the subject of sexual misconduct and sexual assault within the music industry.

Watch and listen to the video HERE.

Among the people shown entering the room to stand and listen to the singers, are Jenny’s sisters, her mum, friends and fellow members of the arts community – from dancers to poets.

"Standing in that room, with a group of people who I know feel so fiercely about creating a safer future, was such an electric, inspiring moment. I truly felt so fortunate to even be part of it. Standing there with Tami, singing to my younger sisters... it was such a grounding moment. Tears were definitely flowing,” says Jenny.

Jenny didn’t want to leave anyone out, so incorporated the voices of friends that couldn’t be at the shoot. She was also quick to point out the role that men play in the cause.

“The men who have supported this movement are integral to making change so it was really important to us to have Jeremy, Gabrielle and Chris in the clip; three of many men who have made us feel respected and equal in our workplace.”

The song sprung from an APRA Songhubs song-writing camp. Inspired by the #metoo movement in New Zealand, Jenny and Tami shared their own experiences in the industry and decided they wanted to sing for change.

The words bring to mind many less-than-ideal, well-worn scenarios New Zealand women will identify with – about being taught to be careful, about navigating society in fear, about ‘playing by the rules’ but trouble still finding you. As the crowd joins in, the pair rally to the call of ‘watching trouble burn’.

“The song is for my younger self, who put up with far too much out of fear that if I didn’t ‘play the game’ I might lose opportunities.”

“Burn it down now brother, burn it down now sister, it’s trouble’s turn to lose,” the award-winning artists declare.

Now residing in Wellington, Jenny is originally from Gore and spent a lot of time in Dunedin. Her 2018 album WILDFIRES, was awarded the 2019 Tui for Recorded Music NZ Best Country Music Artist. It also became the first NZ album to receive a nomination for Alt-Country Album of the Year at the 2020 Australian Golden Guitar Awards.

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