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A souper collaboration

22 July 2022

South Islanders can once again enjoy a convenient meal option full of New Zealand-grown veggies while also helping Kiwis in need, with the return of a very special soup. Words Hannah Powell

Supermarket favourite Naked Locals is celebrating more than just soup. Its Local Heroes campaign has been donating to Satisfy Food Rescue since last year, and the company is excited to bring on another charity this winter.

An initiative launched in 2021, Naked Heroes saw Naked Locals collaborating with Kaiapoi-based Satisfy Food Rescue to support its work in reducing food waste.

Satisfy receives nutritious food from local supermarkets and the New Zealand Food Network to pass on to those in need. It has been working closely with local food banks and community organisations since 2014, and last year distributed 250 tonnes of sustenance throughout North Canterbury. 

The Local Heroes collab sees 20 cents from every pack of Satisfy Food Rescue Lentil, Potato & Caramelised Onion soup go back to the charity.

Satisfy manager Stef van Meer is excited to be working with Naked Locals for another winter to see what difference can be made.

“We’re so grateful we’ve had that first year collaboration…the soup was obviously so popular that they’ve come back to us and we’re running it again.”

When Naked Locals reached out in 2020, Stef says the team thought it was a wonderful idea.

“It really just fit with what we are as a charity, [and] where Satisfy was going from a collaborative sponsorship point of view.”

And being a delicious soup, it’s not going away anytime soon.

“I think the fact that it’s back on the shelf for a second year is testament to the work that Naked Locals have done with developing the soup,” Stef says.

“I have high hopes that because it’s on for a second year that more people will recognise it and purchase it…any financial donations that we receive from [our] Naked Local partnership makes an enormous difference to the work that we do.”

In the last year, donations from the Local Heroes campaign have enabled Satisfy to purchase a new delivery van and provide an additional 27,000 meals to people in need.

Satisfy manager Stef van Meer

Stef says they’ve seen “exponential growth” in those in the community needing food assistance, and that Covid played a big part in that.

“We were increasing year on year, but the Covid crisis really did prove the need. And it also gave us a platform to be able to promote to people that were left with food they couldn't distribute, that they could give it to food waste organisations like us, and we could distribute it to people in need in the community.”

“And definitely the cost of living crisis hasn't helped either,” she adds.

A national campaign, Local Heroes has helped Satisfy’s platform reach beyond North Canterbury, too.

Connecting food with community organisations is a campaign Naked Locals is now expanding up north. This winter, the company has partnered with West Auckland’s original food rescue charity, Fair Food, too, with a new flavour, Pumpkin & Kumara.

Similar to Satisfy and its mahi, Fair Food distribute perfectly good food to communities who need it, saving it from landfill and greater waste. Last year, the charity rescued over 753,000kg of food and distributed over 2.2 million meals within Tāmaki Makarau. 

Naked Locals is now calling on shoppers to choose their soup or charity of choice to help make a difference. The Local Heroes soups (RRP$5.99) are now available in supermarkets nationwide.

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