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3 March 2023
03 magazine beauty march 2023

From plant-based nail gel and orchid-inspired lippies to oxygen-infused moisturisers and nameless fragrances, here’s what the 03 team are trying this month.

Follow the numbers.

1. Let skin breathe

We know oxygen is essential to life on Earth, duh, but turns out it’s also pretty magic for skin, a discovery Dermalogica has deeply invested in to create its latest release, Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream ($200). “I don’t think a lot of people realise how important oxygen is for optimal skin health,” says Dermalogica NZ’s head of education Caroline Parker. “This unique liquid-cream moisturiser oxygenates like no other product I’ve experienced and will be incredible for anyone wanting to firm and plump their skin.”

2. Flower power

Drawing inspiration from nature’s exceptional colour palette in the most luxurious way, fancy French brand Guerlain unveils the Red Orchid collection, featuring a new trio of ROUGE G lipsticks ($61), with different hues and textures nodding to three varieties of red orchids. The flamboyantly bright Red Vanda (pictured) comes in a velvet matte finish, pinky-red Red Ballerina has a satin finish, while Red Fire Star comes with a gold-flecked ‘velvet metal’ finish.

3. Ready for this gel-y

More big news from Mecca this month, with the mid-March release of cult brand Manicurist, the world’s first plant-based gel nail polish that can be done at-home and removed with regular polish remover. With a super affordable kit including Green Flash Gel Polish (pictured in Aubergine), $36, 24W LED Lamp, $36, and Removal Clips, $11 – it’s set to be a bit of a game changer.

4. Serum series

Give skin whatever power boost it needs with Dr. LeWinn’s new Serum Series ($80 each), featuring three advanced concentrates each based around proven wonder ingredients retinol (to target dull, sun-damaged and ageing skin), hyaluronic acid (to plump dry and dehydrated skin and reduce redness) and vitamin C (to reduce pigmentation and boost skin radiance).

5. Brighten up

Utilising potent rose myrtle picked by hand in China its natural environment and vitamin C-packed acerola seed extract sourced in Vietnam, the two new additions to Clarins’ Bright Plus range – dark spottargeting moisturising Gel Cream (pictured, $130) and seven-day radiant skin concentrate Beauty Flash Fresh Ampoule ($72) – should have fans of the cult brand looking to brighten their skin frothing.

6. A perfume by any other name

Back at the request of Byredo enthusiasts, unisex fragrance Unnamed ($323 at Mecca) has, as the name and blank label imply, been left nameless, giving the wearer an opportunity to select the name themselves and label the bottle as they wish. The result is a scent (featuring notes of gin accord, pink pepper, orris stem, lush violet, tree moss and fir balsam) that’s completely open to the wearer’s interpretation, free from direction and not limited by pre‑existing connotations or associations.

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