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Chocolate honey on the menu

28 May 2021

Here is one for the discerning foodies among you. How does chocolate honey sound?  

Ashburton's Mount Somers has launched not one, but six flavours of chocolate honey for those who love a little indulgence. They include: chocolate, chocolate and orange, chocolate and peppermint, chocolate and vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut, and chocolate and caramel.  

All are made with fine dutch chocolate and contain no refined sugars or artificial ingredients. 

The Mount Somers range comes from Midlands Apiaries, based in Kaiapoi, who last year announced its new affordable range.  What they didn’t announce was that they had some very exciting plans up their sleeve regarding chocolate honey.

“No one else in the industry is doing spreads like these,” says Midlands Apiaries international brand manager Adam Boot.  

He says the six new uniquely distinct honey flavours are “100 per cent guilt-free”,  naturally produced and in their raw formwithout losing any of their sweet taste. 

The range is now available to buy online from 

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