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Cocktail news August 2018

28 May 2021

Shake things up a bit and mix yourself something special.

Words Kate Preece


If you can’t drag yourself away from the fire this winter, there’s an online option that might just tickle your fancy. With nationwide shopping, Cocktail Mail ( can send you cocktail kits or readyto-serve bottles of all the favourites. They’ll even create signature drinks for special occasions. Add to your cart a bottle of Mango Passionfruit Daiquiri or Black Forest Manhattan and you’ll have yourself a party.




We learnt a thing or two recently at the launch of Belevedere’s Single Estate Rye Vodkas – Smogory Forest and Lake Bartezek. Smirnoff, in its 1950s campaign, prided itself on being a flavourless drink you could enjoy without a telltale smell lingering on your breath. Today, taste is paramount. Enter rye vodka. Consider the difference between wheat and rye bread and you can see why the excitement is building. Further nuances are added depending on where that grain is grown. But the answer to what you really want to know? Of the two, it’s Smogory Forest you want for your next martini – its savoury notes would satisfy 007.





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