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Deep Water Creek live

11 November 2022
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Ōtautahi-based artist Deep Water Creek (Matthew Smith) talks his beautiful new single ‘Bucket Spider’, writing his upcoming album, and performing live in Christchurch. Interview Hannah Brown

Congratulations on your new single ‘Bucket Spider’! How does it feel to have released it to the world? 

An amazing feeling. So good to have the song out for people to enjoy and share. 

Tell us a bit about what inspired the track?

The track was inspired by my ill fated attempts to save a spider trapped in a bucket of water. As I began to empty the bucket of water the spider came streaming out and was dashed against some rocks. Trying to save something but making the situation worse. Irony haha.

What did the song-writing process look like for ‘Bucket Spider’?

The song was written in about 2017 sitting on the deck of the studio looking over Lyttelton Harbour with the Bucket Spider situation firmly in mind. A flow of consciousness type song.

How does the song feel different than your previous works?

For the recording the song was refined and simplified. Made less complicated. So I think it has a clarity that is more accessible than some of my previous work which I enjoy.

Is it a taste of what's to come in your upcoming album? Tell us about that...

Yes, the whole album has been recorded in the same spirit. Simple acoustic instruments recorded and captured wonderfully by LoHo studios in Christchurch with simple arrangements. I can't wait to share the album! 

Being Ōtautahi-based, what do you like about the local music scene in Christchurch?

Definitely the community. There are a wide range of amazingly talented musicians and songwriters in a small city and they all seem to be really supportive of others' projects. A dream for aspiring artists.

Are you excited to perform ‘Bucket Spider’ live in Christchurch live November 13?

I am! I have a great band backing me with some of Christchurch's best musicians. Incredible opening act and amazing venue. Plus it's a long weekend in Christchurch so I'm incredibly excited.   

What’s next for you musically and otherwise?

Releasing my next single then the album. Plan is to tour nationally around March/April 2023 so it's going to be a really busy release period for me which is great.  Keep a look out for what's coming next.

To find out more about Deep Water Creek's live show in Christchurch, click here.


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