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Don’t compromise style to follow trends

28 May 2021
Armchair In Green Leaving Room

Spending all this time at home, you may find your mind wandering to those things you would like to do to introduce a bit of change. But to trend or not to trend? Katy Husband takes a look at incorporating the latest design elements for your home.

Trends can challenge and inspire, spark creativity and take us to places we would not ordinarily go. However, not all trends are created equal – I’m looking at you crop top!

It is important to filter trends through the higher purpose of embracing style. Because our world has become more connected, we receive trends from all corners of the globe. While some are fascinating, are they relevant to our culture, way of living and climate? Don’t let passing trends sway you from your inherent style, but instead pick and choose those that enhance and relate to your interior and lifestyle.

Here are some of the interesting interior trends that have been on my radar leading into this new decade. They will continue to develop over the next months. But remember, choose what you truly love. If those beautiful chairs in your lounge still bring you joy, it is irrelevant whether or not they remain on your Instagram feed.
Embrace the confidence to own your style.


70s Style Living Room

We are moving away from the years of minimalism to embrace a more-is-more approach. This movement of ‘maximalism’ celebrates colour, texture, pattern and form. It is about creating joy through our visual environment. There is some nostalgia attached to this trend with a nod towards the glamour of the 1970s, but ultimately it is about creating a visual feast.

See this trend at home with:
• Colour – cool mint green, deep ruby red, emerald green and accents of cobalt blue and chartreuse are hot for 2020;
• Large-scale patterned wallpaper;
• Textured fabrics, such as velvet, corduroy and the reinvention of bouclé;
• Circular forms used in unexpected ways – furniture, archways, splashbacks, cupboards;
• ‘Clashing’ patterns in cushions and bedding.


Plant In White Flower Pot

We descend from storytellers who used legends and personal experiences to instruct and inspire. As consumers, we love to connect with products that have soul. We want to understand the inspiration and process behind the piece. As retailers continue to showcase local talent and social media gives us access to the stories behind them, we are moving to create homes that are as authentic and intentional as the artists themselves.

See this trend at home with:
• Bespoke, artisanal pieces;
• Tribal influences from Africa, the Middle East and Asia;
• Artwork, décor and furniture purchased through the artists or their representative stores.


Bubble Bath With Potted Plants

As we globally continue our journey looking at physical and mental wellness, there is a trend towards creating a calm sanctuary at home to counter our fast-paced, adrenaline-filled days. Home is a place that can ground and restore us.

See this trend at home with:
• Natural and organic textiles;
• Indoor plants;
• Raw-form products that celebrate imperfections, such as natural stone sinks and benchtops;
• Softly textured fabrics on furniture that is inviting and soothing;
• Beautiful glazed pottery teapots
and cups.


Reclaimed Wooden Wall With A Wooden Door, Table Sets And Flowers In Zinc Vase In Bright Sunlight. Cozy And Warm Interior Atmosphere.

Many manufacturers and suppliers are altering the way they produce goods for the home to minimise their impact on resources and educate their customers on the value of choice. There are new products coming to the market that are stylish but have been produced with recycled materials. Plastic bottles are being used in the production of roller blinds and some curtain fabrics reuse
old clothes or remnants from the
fashion industry.

See this trend at home with:
• Beautiful fabrics made from linen, hemp, wool and organic cotton;
• Repurposed furniture that has been given a new lease of life with updated upholstery;
• Beautiful solid-wood furniture made from recycled timber or harvested from sustainably raised wood, including bamboo;
• Eco-friendly and natural paints, waxes, oils and stains;
• Living walls and indoor plants that improve air quality.


Smart Speaker In Bedroom
As we continue to be accessible to events and each other around the world with social media, there has been a counter swing to celebrate ‘real’ connection both with each other and with the environment. This trend places emphasis on shared spaces in our homes, like living rooms and kitchens, where we can join with family and friends to connect and relax.

See this trend at home with:
• Styled bar carts ready for impromptu gatherings;
• Comfortable bar stools located at kitchen islands;
• Large serving platters and grazing boards;
• Stylish Bluetooth speakers playing the latest playlists;
• Open-plan living, kitchen and dining areas with TVs located in designated media rooms;
• Softly rounded shapes in furniture upholstered in textured fabrics.

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