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Electro anthems

2 October 2022
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Photo: Natasha Killeen

Pop powerhouse PRINS talks her new electro-pop EP Life is better now, living in Ōtautahi Christchurch, and sharing empowering music. Interview Hannah Brown

Congratulations on the upcoming release of Life is Better Now. How does it feel to be releasing it to the world at the end of the month? 

Thank you so much! It’s been such a whirlwind and the project has been in the works for so long it doesn’t quite feel real but, I’m so happy to finally be putting it out. 

If you had to sum up the EP in three words – which would you choose?

Empowering, formidable and vulnerable. 

What inspired this EP and what do you hope people feel when they listen to it?

I released my first EP in 2020 during the 48 hour period before the first lockdown and honestly, I didn’t really know what I was doing or how to make anyone take notice. As the lockdowns dragged on, it was difficult to stay positive and I really felt I need to use that time to re-evaluate and analyse every aspect of Prins.

During this process I had to really think about what I was doing with my life and after stripping everything back I found a much more honest version of myself which inspired me to create the Life is Better Now EP. I hope everyone who listens to these songs feels empowered to take back control of their own lives the way that I did during the process of creating project. 

You’re from Christchurch, how has this influenced your path/craft?

Most people don’t know I’m from Auckland but have been living in Christchurch since I was 18. Christchurch holds a special place for me as it’s where I first began to develop experience in the live music scene and made the decision to pursue original music as a career.

There is a unique covers scene there which really helped me set a high standard for what I wanted to bring to the Prins experience, especially when it comes to stamina of touring. 

What was it like working with an array of exceptional songwriters, producers and engineers, including the likes of Drax Project, Marlon Gerbes, award-winning engineer Pierre-Olivier Couturier, and Grammy recipient Chris Gehringer on this EP? 

What a line up! This year has been a huge step up for me in every aspect of the business and I’ve been fortunate enough to have gained invaluable experience from a wide range of people both nationally and internationally.

Working with both Marlon and the Drax boys taught me new ways to approach my songwriting and of course, their easy going kiwi attitude made them very easy to work with. My production team House Of Wolf, Pierre-Olivier and Chris G also took things to a new level for me.

The level of understanding in their fields just blew me away and I feel very blessed to have developed such strong personal relationships with them as we continue to move forward into the next project. 

What track are you most looking forward to performing on stage?  

Having just came off my Life is Better Now New Zealand tour in late August, I’ve loved seeing all the new songs come to life in the live set. My favourite changes all the time but at the time of writing this, I’d have to pick either ‘That's the Thing x' or 'Better Now'.

What’s next for you both personally and for your career?  

I feel like I’m just getting started especially coming out of the covid landscape. I can say I’m already beginning to work on the next project and will be keeping my head down in-between a few festivals over summer.

Next year is undoubtedly looking to be my biggest yet! I have a lot to announce come 2023 so keep an eye on my socials for any updates! 

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