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Fashion: Cool & Clueless

28 May 2021
Stacey Dash And Alicia Silverstone In 'clueless'
PHOTO: Getty

Fashion inspired by the movies we are watching in lockdown. This time we head to the 90s where apparently you wore cute matching plaid outfits with your bestie, while talking on oversized cellphones with antennas. Yikes. Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone was a blockbuster hit. Update this preppy look for the 2020s with less prep and more cool.

1. Composure Cardigan, $249, Pleat Pant, $249, and Classic Tee, $79, KOWTOW 

Composure Cardigan Yellow 0068

2. Rise Jumpsuit, $395, MINA

Rise Jumpsuit Front Front

3. Bella Pump, $720, CAMILLA AND MARC

S04 Y1f756 Textile Yellow 19489 C&m 0041

4. Halley Turtleneck, $420, CAMILLA AND MARC 

S133 Ucmk 3270 (was Ycmk 3292) Halley Turtleneck In Apricot Orange 19489 C&m 0266

5. Carla Buckle Skirt, $369, SILLS

Rise Jumpsuit Front Front

5. Valentina Trench, $359, SILLS

Sills 10753 Saffron $359rrp

6. Golden Soleil Necklace, $860, FILIGREE


7. Isra Short, $479, CAMILLA AND MARC

S32 Y1p 4469 Isra Short In Yellow Gunmetal 19489 C&m 5p D 0185


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