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Fashion inspired by: Dirty Dancing

28 May 2021
Dirty Dancing

We've been watching a lot of old movies lately because well, lockdown and all. And though we can't shop for anything but the essentials, we still like to partake in a bit of window shopping. So, inspired by what we have been viewing we bring to your bubble Style's fashion picks.  If you want to see the full edits take a look at Style's digital edition - out now!

The lift, the dress and that truly awkward watermelon scene. Dirty Dancing spoke to the ’80s generation with its smoking hot dance scenes combined with wistful romance. If we're honest, we've probably all tried (with disastrous results) to recreate that iconic lift at the end between Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze). And, no, lockdown is not the time (especially after a few) to attempt this once again. Instead, let's just look at how we can recreate the vibe with clothes.

1. High Neck Mini Dress, $199.90, WITCHERY 

60254166 Witchery Hi Neck Mini Dress In Bubblegum, Rrp $199.90

2. Lose Your Fear Dress, $795, MAGGIE MARILYN

Maggie Marilyn Look 012 Jake Terrey

3. Chloe Dress, $780, CAMILLA AND MARC

S15 Y1d 11042 Chloe Dress In Rose 19489 C&m 5p D 0089

4. Enya Sandal, $240, MI PIACI

Aw20 Mi Piaci Womens Enya Hot Pink Nz$240.00 Au$210.00

5. Roma Print Dress, $449, ISAAC + LULU

Isaac+lulu Peachprint $449rrp

6. Mirella Maxi Skirt, $199, RUBY

Rs19404 Pk Fr

7. Dolce Giovanna Pendant, $820, FILIGREE


8. Mariah Heel, $259, MISS WILSON

Img 0399 Copy

9. Hannah Polo Cashmere, $399, ISAAC + LULU

Isaac+lulu 60903 Aurorapink $399rrp

10. Platinum, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring, $10,585, VIA SOLLERTIA

Dr 55545 Copy Clearcut

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