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Much-loved MasterChef NZ winner Sam Low shares his deliciously unique food journey, as well as three moreish recipes from his cool new cookbook Modern Chinese.
This no-knead focaccia could not be easier: mix (using instant dried yeast), put in the fridge, and the dough does the work overnight! While the method is simple, the bread is amazing – it still manages to achieve that bubbly, fluffy structure that you want in your focaccia. You can swap chilli, basil and olive for whatever’s on hand – parsley, oregano and chopped sundried tomatoes for instance.
Having lived in the North Island for seven years, Alby Hailes, winner of television reality show The Great Kiwi Bake Off and author of new cookbook Good Vibes, is enjoying being back in Dunedin and taking it easier for a change.
This is probably my favourite dish in the book. It just speaks volumes to me of New Zealand on many levels. It’s a dish made with one of our most precious seasonal delicacies, but served in such a humble, no-fuss sort of manner. A similar version of this dish would have been eaten hundreds of thousands of times on the riverside or in baches and cribs up and down the country, ever since we figured out how to catch these slippery, mysterious little fish.
Kiwi chef Al Brown muses on his passion for baches (that’s cribs to you down south) and shares some favourite recipes from the new edition of his much-loved cookbook Eat Up New Zealand.
Morning tea and more are sorted with these hearty and heart-warming high country recipes from Philippa Cameron's new cookbook.
Based on a North Otago sheep and beef farm, Philippa Cameron is sharing her unique brand of high country home cooking with the world via social media – and now a deliciously charming new cookbook.
Created by Kiwi taco king and queen Otis and Sarah Frizzell of The Lucky Taco food truck and company, 03 samples some spicy little recipes fresh from the colourful foodie duo’s delicious new book.
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