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Go gelato

25 January 2023
03 magazine fashion december 2022 (1)

From strawberry and mango to lemon, lime and tangerine, this season’s most delicious gelato-inspired colours are the fastest way to feel fabulous and freshen up your wardrobe.

1. Deadly Ponies Crush Tote Mini bag in Basil, $549

2. Kate Sylvester Hera dress in Lime, $499

3. Buddy unisex hemp t-shirt in Wasabi Cream, $89

4. RUBY Clover denim shorts in Lemon, $169

5. Gregory Oksana dress in Mango, $489

6. Briarwood Tutti dress in Yellow, $299

7. Juliette Hogan Ailsa linen shirt in Saffron, $399, and Ash pants, $429

8. Kowtow Tulip dress in Sun, $299; 9. Nicole Rebstock Sara bag, $439

10. Twenty-Seven Names Day Break merino cardigan in Tangerine, $460

11. Ganni wrap dress in Floral Orange, $459 at Workshop

12. Superette Anniversary Luxe Crosby shirt in Hot Pink, $229, and Edison mini skirt, $199

13. Moochi Actual shirt, $300, and Actual shorts, $230

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