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Hair today: A lockdown miracle

28 May 2021
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Words Kate Preece

At-home salon miracle

Img 7881I must admit, one of the top three deliveries through lockdown was the one I received from Redken. When it arrived, my coloured hair deserved to be in isolation. The brassy tones were real.

Redken Colour Extend Brownlights comes to us as a new shampoo and conditioner duo ($35 each) designed for natural and highlighted brunettes who wish to fend off the brass and retain those cool tones for longer.

Being a toning shampoo and conditioner, both products emerge from their bottles in striking blue form. And I mean gel food-colouring blue. Gloves are recommended (something I took note of the second time around).

I didn’t notice much after the first go, except I felt like I had just returned home from the salon – a delicious scent oozed from my conditioned locks. The rose, bergamot and jasmine notes within the conditioner are uplifting and ongoing.

Application two left me rather amazed. The blue pigments are designed to counteract those sneaky orange tones brunettes detest. Combing through my hair I noticed a surprisingly real transformation. My hair seemed light and vibrant, rather than multi-toned and dull.

The recommendation is to use the toning duo daily, which I’m certainly encouraged to try. With the shampoo left on the hair for three to five minutes, and the conditioner for five to 10, it’s a relatively quick way to make yourself feel 100 times more presentable.

Reduce the fallout

Did you know that the No. 1 concern for millennials is hair-fall? That’s why Kérastase has introduced Genesis (from $49), to counter the issue that’s been surging thanks to lifestyle factors such as stress, hormonal changes, styling tools, diet and pollution.

The new line focuses on strengthening the hair fibre and stimulating the roots, cutting hair-fall by 84%, with continued use.

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