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A trip to Stewart Island first planted the spores of Liv Sisson’s passion – now the Christchurch-based writer/forager/foodie with a penchant for colourfully painted nails is sharing her love of the (not so) humble mushroom with the world via a fun new book about fungi.
Passionate about herbs since childhood, Jane Wrigglesworth is now one of New Zealand’s foremost experts on all things herbal. In an extract from her new book The Everyday Herbalist she shares some favourites for de-stressing.
After a decade abroad, Hope Williams has returned to Christchurch with partner Matt Leadbetter to launch luxury lifestyle supplement brand OtherNature.
Running for 72 hours is no small feat, but a group of passionate lads are doing exactly that to make a change in the mental health of men throughout Aotearoa.
With a new bricks-and-mortar store and rising interest in its unique offering, Dunedin-based natural health company Wild Dispensary is growing, in all senses of the word…
Students away from home can easily become overwhelmed and isolated, but Tania Beckworth’s Christchurch-based charity Adopt a Student is helping change that.
Dunedin naturopath Deanna Copland shares some tips – and one very delicious recipe – to help with winter skin and wellness woes.
Courageous Cantabrian Hannah Hardy-Jones is helping beat the global mental health crisis, one app at a time.
Author, entrepreneur, health expert and endometriosis sufferer Karra Eloff recently visited Christchurch to promote new book The Chronic Pain Couple. Style spoke to her ahead of her Facebook Live Q&A with Endometriosis NZ on July 14.
Sir John Kirwan is hitting the road for a great cause, driving an estimated 2,100km across the country to raise his goal of $1M for the mental health of kids in Aotearoa.
Wendly Nissen shares some healing plants you can grow at home.
Cookbook and wellness author Eleanor Ozich’s latest project is inspired by her rediscovered passion for surfing. Here's some of her surfing-adjacent food and beauty recipes for you to try.
Yvette Shum's commitment to Kiwi vaginas and the environment has steered her through the design and launch of an innovative new menstrual product.
A research review highlights how inadequate school uniforms impact young people. We speak to the academic involved and a school that’s adapting their policies to empower students.
South Island-raised singer-songwriter Jenny Mitchell has released a music video with a powerful message to coincide with International Women's Day.
Maria Teresa Stone reckons that, secretly, we all want to dance like JLo. The wellbeing and Zumba guru loves seeing people fall in love with exercise - and themselves.
Follow these digestive tips, from naturopath Deanna Copland, to look and feel confident.
We’re so excited to bring you a special section just for teens and tweens these holidays. Plus, we've got some online-only content to keep you ticking over.
In Lynette McFadden’s own words, “it’s been challenging at times” over the past two years. The real estate icon shares how she’s dedicated herself to wellbeing, without compromising on her values or professionalism.
These easy smoothie and lentil pattie recipes are full of goodness for teen health.
If you tend to overeat at times, naturopath Deanna Copland suggests these simple changes will help you to avoid going too far.
Dr Katherine Townend is a doctor with a difference – helping to look after patients in the sky. She describes what it’s like being an aeromedical specialist, and why the flying doctor service is so important.
Known for producing bold yet dreamy paintings, Clare Reilly’s latest creation casts an artist’s eye over her own life. Interspersing Clare’s art with her fascinating story, the book Eye of the Calm holds lessons for us all.
The primary sector has been eagerly following the journey navigated by a southern fisherman who is leading the way in sustainable fishing. Words Anna Wallace
Food fuels us. It gives us pleasure. It connects us to friends and family. But for many eaters, the land and people who produce our food can seem distant. We all have a yearning for connection, and food plays an intimate part of that, says Eat New Zealand CEO Angela Clifford in conversation with Anna Wallace.
Time spent in the land of nod affects our appearance, health, mood and performance. Just because you can survive with less sleep, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from more of it, says naturopath Deanna Copland.
Science tells us that women of all ages can experience hair loss, for one of many reasons. Four Canterbury ladies speak up in the hope of banishing shame and highlighting the options available. Words by Anna Wallace.
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