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Knitwear with impact

11 May 2023
03 magazine beauty fashion may 2023
Follow the numbers.

There are plenty of excellent options out there when it comes to plain knitwear, but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun and stand out – while staying warm. Which is where our playful patterned picks come in, including an excellent local offering from Kiwi brands including Wynn Hamlyn, New Lands, Hej Hej, Twenty-Seven Names, Kowtow, RUBY and Kate Sylvester.

  1. LD & Co Alemate Stripe jumper, $179 at Zebrano
  2. Acne Studios blanket scarf, $449 at Workshop
  3. Kate Sylvester Kaleidoscope jumper in Rainbow, $269
  4. RUBY Milo sweater, $219
  5. Twenty-Seven Names Raphael vest, $395
  6. Hej Hej Comfort Creature sweater in Colorblock, $320
  7. Wynn Hamlyn Ombre sweater, $655
  8. Gestuz ArtikoGZ pullover, $499 at Superette
  9. New Lands Face reversible sweater, $425
  10. Kowtow Autumn Check jumper, $349
  11. Kowtow Terra scarf, $199
  12. Ganni vest, $289 at Workshop
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