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Mix and mingle

30 June 2022

Style’s merry band of beverage reviewers sips some great new/celebrated drops.

Follow from left to right (starting with the Tamdhu 12-year-old).

Mid-winter must-try

For those who are fans of ex-sherry cask matured whisky, the Tamdhu 12-year-old is hard to beat. It’s a complex and rich single malt. The nose is full of tempting aromas of iced cinnamon rolls, dried fruit and old school boiled sweeties. The palate has a silky texture and full flavours of fruit and spice. You can’t go too far wrong with ex-sherry cask matured Speyside whisky, and this is certainly one to be shared and savoured, perfect mid-winter to accompany those citrusy mulled wines by the fire.

Beautifully botanical

Strikingly clad in black and metallic bottles and with no added sugar or any flavourings added post distillation, Lunatic & Lover’s Botanical Rum is a far cry from your dad’s spiced rum. The Kiwi company start by making a rich, pure single rum at their Auckland distillery and then re-distill this base spirit for a third time with a carefully curated mix of 12 botanicals. Using both native and exotic botanicals such as horopito, dandelion and burdock root along with Solomon Island cacao nibs, the resulting drop is
sophisticated, intriguing and perfectly balanced, equally enjoyable sipped neat or as an extra dimension in a cocktail. Available in Unaged Silver or Barrel Rested.

Sweet treat

Perched on the border that separates the Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland, Glengoyne distillery is
famous for producing a soft and complex whisky with not a trace of peat smoke. The 12-year-old boasts
lemon zest, coconut oil and runny honey on the nose. The palate brings to life nana’s buttery shortbread,
toffee apples, hints of ginger and vanilla, finally finishing on a hint of sherry and soft oak. Brilliant for sharing and a perfect dram for introducing curious whisky drinkers to the world of Scotch.

A little tart

Straight out of its Canterbury still comes the latest RTD from Scapegrace, this time featuring delicious gin.
Scapegrace is New Zealand’s largest gin distillery so they know their stuff, and here have mixed the beloved spirit with refreshing soda and hints of grapefruit and hibiscus for a balanced, sweet and tangy profile with a slightly tart finish. Light, bright, fresh and clean, it also has an ABV on the lower side at 5%.

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