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Mix & mingle

30 August 2022
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Style’s merry band of beverage reviewers taste-test the latest and greatest.

Follow from left to right.

Cheeky lager

For those partial to a cheeky lager, new-to-market Southern Alps Brewing Co (the second new brand
from MOA Brewing Co) has just launched with two refreshing releases – Alpine Lager and Low Carb Alpine Lager. While, like most lagers, these won’t knock your socks off when it comes to big or bold flavours, the combination of all New Zealand ingredients – Gladfield malt (the world’s purest malt) and Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Wai-iti hops – gives a clean, fresh taste and smooth mouthfeel. To round off the Southern Alps experience, SABC has partnered with Kea Conservation Trust, supporting the organisation with an annual donation and helping with key conservation projects.

Exclusive reserve

For serious rum lovers, this has to be a staple in the cabinet. Diplomatico’s Reserva Exclusiva has been
aged in oak barrels for up to 12 years. It showcases a characterful sweet nose, showing notes of fruit cake,
vanilla ice cream, cocoa, toffee and sweet spices. This all leads onto the palate, which is rich and extremely well balanced with some chocolate, orange and nutty flavours also emerging. It is deep, vivid and the perfect post-pudding tipple. Fashioned with two tumbler glasses, this is an ideal gift just in time for Father’s Day.

Think pink

Nothing says fabulous fun like pink gin, but if you prefer your partying without the alcohol, Lyre’s have whipped up a premium non-alcoholic pink gin alternative, Pink London Spirit, crafted to capture the authentic essence and flavours of a pink gin, sans booze. “Lyre’s was created to be true to taste to match
the world’s most popular spirits in a non-alcoholic format, each as close to the original premium spirit as
possible,” explains Lyre’s NZ ambassador Andrew Down. Use as you would standard gin for pretty pink drinks and no ugly hangovers.

Forged in Scotland

Hailing from the peaty whisky capital of Islay, the Machir Bay from Kilchoman encompasses the signature
style of a rugged Islay malt. On the nose, fresh peat smoke mingles with a soft, cooked stone fruit sweetness, with layers of smoke. The palate then has a surge of tangy peat and a vanilla pudding sweetness that leads to a seaside, peppery smoke. The barley, oak and peat come together in harmony on the finish. Packaged up with two Kilchoman glasses, the Wills family at Rockside farm have really outdone themselves with this dram.

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