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Mix & mingle

5 February 2022

Style’s band of merry beverage reviewers sample some refreshing summer-friendly tipples.

bottle 1 harris cut out copy resized

On island time

Hailing from the rugged and beautiful Isle of Harris, the Isle of Harris Gin embodies the elemental nature of the island itself and promises a smooth and complex maritime drinking experience. The unique balance of local, hand-gathered sugar kelp combined with eight carefully chosen botanicals speaks of the Scottish island’s deep connection with the sea. This pairs perfectly with a dash of classic tonic accompanied by a wee slice of pink grapefruit or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try chilled and neat to showcase this gin’s unique flavours.

03 sg vodka rtd pomegranate and plum

Purple reign

With a base of its award-winning, handcrafted premium vodka, after a year spent getting it exactly right, local distillers Scapegrace’s new RTDs keep it simple (but yum) with the addition of soda and 100 per cent natural fruit extracts – and nothing else. Pomegranate & Black Doris Plum is our pick of the bunch, not too sweet but with plenty of that distinct plum flavour kept perfectly sharp and refreshing with a hint of pomegranate.

zangriacan side2.png

Kiwi sangria

Bonnie Shum and Mitch Wiffin have cleverly re-created sangria for a Kiwi audience in this RTD-come-seltzer, playfully called Zangria. It’s marketed as a mellow rosé and still heroes the Marlborough base but is more easy-drinking than a glass of wine. Pleasingly, the unique flavour of real watermelon wasn’t lost and there’s no added sugar or artificial sweetener. This mix will satisfy rosé fans, while opening the net to those who are after something a bit subtler and more portable – think throwing a few cans into your picnic bag.

no.3 gin bottle

Staying dry

No. 3 is a London Dry Gin made especially for Berry Bros. & Rudd, Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchants. The gin itself is produced by De Kuyper Royal Distillers in Holland and is heady with the aroma and taste of juniper, floral notes and plenty of citric zing, ending on a gingery spice with a touch of coriander. This is one of those benchmark gins that offers a very classic London Dry style. Perfect with friends on a summer’s night – just add a generous splash of your favourite classically crafted tonic and a wedge of lime to help bring out the citrus zing that lies within the spirit.

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