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Mum’s in 'a meeting'

28 May 2021
Pampering Myself On Weekends.

The days are starting to blend together, you are feeling a bit frazzled and you’ve had one too many online conference calls. Never fear, we called on Champs-Élysees Day Spa manager Myf Colvin to share some handy tips on how to care for our skin and wellbeing during lockdown.

  1. Don’t be a raisin

While it is tempting to take up residence next to the pantry and indulge, Myf says one of the most important things for skincare is nutrition.

“With any underlying skin condition, one of the first things we do is ask people about their nutrition.”

That’s because, for your skin cells to function properly, they need a good source of essential fatty acids, which come from things like flaxseed, sunflower and evening primrose oils, avocados, vegetables, leafy greens, fish and salmon.

“They basically build a lipid bilayer around the cell, which gives the cell the ability to retain water. You can be drinking as much as you like, but if you don’t have that lipid bilayer around the cell then the cell doesn’t have the ability to hold onto that water. And then it shrivels up, a little like a raisin.

“We have doorways all around the cell, like cat flaps. They let nutrients in and toxins out, but if your cell doesn’t have enough water and oil then those doorways can’t get open or closed. That’s when you start to see issues with skin.”

Pass the spinach please.

  1. Schedule that me time

That’s right. Myf says it is time to put a lock on the bathroom door. Put a sign on the bathroom door, lock it and pamper yourself.

“Create a spa day. If you are in your bubble with others who enjoy spas, get them involved.

“Soak in the bath. Apply all your body moisturisers and oils afterwards. Soak your feet, do your nails. Do your thing, whatever that may be.”

Once a week, do a mask. If you don’t have one, get on the phone to grandma and find out what old remedies they may have used, Myf suggests.

“I don’t know how beneficial it will be to your skin, it won’t do anything bad – but just have some fun with it!”

  1. Keep up the good work

Whether it is for skincare or for your day-to-day living, Myf recommends you keep to a routine.

“It gives a bit more control, in an uncontrollable situation. As much as skincare is looking after your skin, given the situation we are in, it is also looking after yourself mentally.

“Keep to your normal regime. Use your cleanser, serum or moisturiser and sunscreen every day – none of that should change.”

It is a good opportunity to let your skin “breathe” from makeup and let it be “itself” – especially if you suffer from breakouts.

“But if you feel good wearing a bit of mascara or lipstick, go for it,” Myf says.

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