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One of everything please

22 March 2022
moochi seclude midi dress 1 9th feb $389.99 (002)
Moochi Seclude midi dress

Words Josie Steenhart

Sometimes a seasonal collection comes along and you think to yourself, I’m going to need one of everything! Obviously, a girl can dream, but Moochi’s latest – simply named ‘Palette One’ – is one of those ranges for me.

Since I realistically can’t have literally one of everything (sad), I’ve fine-tuned my wishlist down to six favourites, pieces that will not only serve to elevate my wardrobe for the coming season, but also work in with what I already own.

I need to talk about The Trenchie first, not only for the adorable name, but because I can barely ever leave a good trench coat on the rack, and this one is beautifully cut to drape just so, from a super versatile black and soft grey check. Wear it belted or loose, over pretty much anything.

A second top topper is the Shearl (also a cute name), a snug, chic, sheepy little jacket that can be put to use over dresses or with jeans, or paired (as I plan to) with the slinky satin Include skirt in matching shades of Chantilly. Both hit stores on March 30 – be ready.

Another piece I can barely ever resist is a beautiful classic shirt, and while I have to remind myself I have a wardrobe full of white shirts (each subtly different, mind you), I have exactly none in the stunning perfect blue of Moochi’s Result design, with that yoke seam detail adding just the right amount of interest.

Last but not least, two dresses. The Seclude dress had me at the drop waist and pleated panel situation (also, ladies, there are actual pockets in there!), further cementing its place in my life via that divine shade of teal and of course, puffed sleeves. Cut from 100 per cent organic cotton, it’s one you can wear all year round, and, AND, it’s reversible, so you can choose your neckline.

A further drop-waisted design I have my beady eye on is the Agile dress. Long sleeves (style tip: can be cuffed for warmer days and insouciant moods) and a monochrome paisley print both just sing versatility to me, plus the shirt collar just adds a bit of extra put-togetherness, making it a great one for the office (if I’m ever not working from home again).

moochi collage online content march2022 1
1. Result shirt, $280. 2. Include skirt $290. 3. Shearl jacket, $390. 4. Agile dress, $390. 5. The Trenchie coat, $600. 6. Seclude dress, $390

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