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Recipe: Rhubarb & Ginger Curd

28 May 2021
Sliced And Whole Rhubarb And Jam Jar Of Rhubarb Jelly On Wood, Elevated View

The union of ginger and rhubarb creates a pleasant tang and a creat alternative to lemon curd, writes Kiwi Gardener's Kristina Jensen.

Of course, this curd is divine on toast, but I also discovered it is even better stirred into thick Greek yoghurt. As a consequence, my jars of rhubarb curd don’t last very long!

To crank my rhubarb up so I can make twice as much curd, I might have to apply this very unusual advice I discovered in an old gardening book belonging to my grandmother: Month about, give your rhubarb a cup of milk around the drip line, following month, a cup of beer! I haven’t tried it yet, but perhaps I could share a brew with my rhubarb plant next time we’re entertaining in the garden.

Rhubarb & Ginger Curd
500g rhubarb
1.5cm section of fresh root ginger, grated (preferably with a fine grater)
juice of 2 oranges and the zest of one
250g sugar
175g butter
4 eggs

1. Wash and cut rhubarb into very small, thin sections (if the stalks are super large, you may want to peel them first).
2. Simmer rhubarb in a covered pot with the ginger, orange juice and zest, until the rhubarb is very soft and mushy.
3. Add the sugar and butter and stir to dissolve completely and then remove from the heat.
4. Let the mixture cool right down to a lukewarm temperature.
5. Beat the eggs and whisk into the pot with the rhubarb mixture.
6. Put the pot back on the stove and gently heat, stirring constantly, over a medium heat until you get a thickish consistency. Do not let it boil! (Note: You can use a thermometer, if you wish.
7. Do not let the temperature get above 75ºC).
8. Pour carefully into sterilised jars or small plastic pottles.
9. Cool, label with the name and date and then store in the refrigerator or freezer.
10. Consume within a week once open.

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