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Researching the family tree during lockdown

28 May 2021
Group Of Vintage Framed Family Photographs

Have you ever wanted to trace your family tree but have never had the time?

Now may be the perfect period to make the most of your COVID-19-enforced isolation and track down those elusive ancestors by heading to Christchurch City Libraries via your laptop or computer.

City council head of libraries and information Carolyn Robertson says members can access the Family History Beginner's Guide and extensive resources online to build up their unique family tree.

“You can also take the opportunity to connect online through email and Facebook or Skype with generations of your own family – from great-grandparents to second cousins – spread across New Zealand to help piece together the ancestry puzzle,” Ms Robertson says.

“Many people are feeling cut off from their families at this time, so what better way to stay in touch and get everyone involved than a multi-generational family tree project.

“Perhaps you can do an online interview via Skype with a great-aunt, or talk to your grandfather by phone to help create a picture of the past and establish wider family links.

“Our extensive family history and Whakapapa resources are all available online, including the Ancestry library edition and a remarkable selection of newspaper and magazine archives.”

The library s also provides access to a city council cemeteries database, local history details and images via Discovery Wall Canterbury Stories and Kete; and the MyHeritage library edition, packed with records from around the world.

“With so much changing around us, it may be the best time to immerse yourself in a new project and map your roots – from those closest to our overseas origins,” Ms Robertson says.

“Our resources offer plenty of tips on how to get started and how best to care for precious family papers and photographs.

“It’s all about bringing your family history to life for today’s generation and those who follow.

“There is a wealth of information available, and your first steps are mapped out by Christchurch City Libraries. If you are not already a library member, it is also easy to join online.”


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