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30 September 2022
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Shrines of Gaiety

Kate Atkinson
Penguin, $37
Set in London’s Soho in the 1920s, where the post-war nightlife industry is booming. The notorious queen of this dazzling new world is the ruthless Nellie Coker, ambitious to advance her six children and guard her empire from both internal and external threats. As always Kate Atkinson (Behind the Scenes at the Museum, A God in Ruins) forges fabulous characters and brings history brilliantly to life.

A Visible Man

Edward Enninful
Bloomsbury, $35

Fans of fashion, magazines and in particular British Vogue will be dying to get their hands on a copy of current editor-in-chief and industry legend Edward Enninful’s memoir A Visible Man, which, typically charismatically and intelligently, chronicles his professional rise and personal mission to showcase true diversity in fashion.


Ian McEwan
Penguin, $37

The compelling 18th novel from Ian McEwan, bestselling author of Atonement, Lessons begins at the British boarding school of a young Roland Baines in the 1960s, before unfolding across generations and historical upheavals from the Suez Crisis and Cuban Missile Crisis to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the current pandemic. Described as “a chronicle of our times” and “a powerful meditation on history and humanity through the prism of one ordinary man”.


Peggy Frew
Allen & Unwin, $37

The latest from the award-winning Aussie writer (and member of the critically acclaimed Melbourne band Art of Fighting), Wildflowers follows sisters Meg, Nina and the formerly charismatic, now troubled Amber as they reunite for the first time in years on the road to a remote holiday rental in Far North Queensland, where the older sisters plan to help Amber overcome her addiction. Hard to put down and surprisingly funny despite the heartbreaking tale.

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