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12 December 2022
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A place to discover what deserves a spot in your TBR pile.

In Her Blood

Nikki Crutchley

HarperCollins, $35

Jac Morgan never planned on going back to her hometown, but is forced to return when her sister Charlie goes missing. Twenty years earlier, another teenage girl, Paige Gilmore, went missing. As Jac starts the search for Charlie, she’s drawn to the Gilmore Hotel – the haunted house of her childhood, a place that holds its own secrets and mysteries and is still home to Paige’s enigmatic mother Iris. From the twice Ngaio Marsh Award shortlisted New Zealand author, In Her Blood is a compulsively readable, dark and atmospheric thriller.

Amazing Grace Adams

Fran Littlewood

Penguin Books, $37

One hot summer day, stuck in traffic on her way to pick up the cake for her daughter's 16th birthday party, Grace Adams snaps, abandoning her car in traffic and walking away. But not from her life – towards it. Being touted as 2023’s fiercest debut, bestselling fellow author Liane Moriarty describes this January release as "funny, moving and at times absolutely heartbreaking.”

My First Popsicle: An anthology of food and feelings

Edited by Zosia Mamet

Allen & Unwin, $33

A mouthwatering and thought-provoking book, Zosia Mamet (who played Shoshanna in Girls) has curated some of the most prominent voices in art and culture to tackle the topic of food and the emotions surrounding it, from David Sedaris on the joy of a hot dog and Jia Tolentino on the chicken dish she makes to escape reality to Patti Smith on memories of her mother's Poor Man's Cake, among many more.

The Reason

Catherine Bennetto

Simon & Schuster, $23

The Reason follows 43-year-old Brooke as her life derails following the death of her husband Chris, as she tries to find ways to make her daughter Hannah – who’s being bullied at school – smile. Having worked as an assistant director in the film and television industry on shows such as The Bill, Coronation Street and Death in Paradise, Kiwi Catherine Bennetto currently resides in Central Otago.

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