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Try heat-free waves

28 May 2021
Portrait Confident, Beautiful Tan Woman

Tuscany Hamel provides step-by-step instructions to get a soft wave without any heat or styling tools, giving your hair a well-earned rest

Step 1.
After washing your hair, give it a rough towel dry to take out the extra moisture. Choose a product that will dry into the hair naturally. I use MHC 3-in-1 keratin conditioning treatment, as this will enhance the beachy textured look while adding moisture to the hair. Depending on the desired wave you want, some salt spray will help achieve a messier look.

Step 2.
Take a coin-size amount of product, and scrunch it through the mid lengths and ends of the hair.

Step 3.
Section the hair into two parts, lift one section of hair to just above ear height and twist it away from the face, into a mini bun. Leave a couple of centimetres of hair out of the bun so it remains straight, and clip the bun into position. Repeat this on the other side.

Step 4.
Allow your hair to naturally dry in this style. You can leave this in as you go about your daily routine, or while you drive to work. This way your hair is air-drying, eliminating any heat, which, when over-used, can cause damage to the hair.

Step 5.
Once your hair has dried, take out the buns, tip your hair forward and give it a shake to break up the waves. There you go, you now have a beautiful natural wave!

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