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Why a good smile gives you confidence

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Research finds Cantabrians appreciate a good set of teeth, yet still put off going to the dentist.
Christchurch residents say they would have a lot more swagger in their step if they improved their pearly whites, according to new research from oral care leader and telehealth pioneer SmileDirectClub. But they also live in the city with the highest percentage of people who have put off getting a dental check-up.

The Christchurch statistics revealed 34% believe improving their teeth would give them a confidence boost and a further 33% said straightening their teeth would inspire them to make more positive change in their life, like trying a new hobby or exercising more.

SmileDirectClub ANZ Vice President Jason Coglan said the research was conducted to find out what motivated people to make positive changes. “A great smile helps to build confidence, but it can also help people transform their lives,” he says.

SmileDirectClub can, on average, straighten your teeth in four to six months. Their convenient and discreet clear aligners are offered at a flat fee of $3335 (compared to traditional braces which cost around $8750 on average), removing many of the barriers associated with a good smile.

The research found younger Kiwis were more likely to feel comfortable doing health activities online compared to in-person consultations, with 46% of Gen Z (born between 1997-2015) happy to communicate remotely. This figure is consistent with trends SmileDirectClub is seeing at its Christchurch SmileShop with a high percentage of those in the 18 to 24 age group using its teledentistry service.

SmileDirectClub ships an all-in-one box containing every set of custom clear aligners for the prescribed treatment plan. Upon receipt of the aligners, customers are required to upload photos of them wearing their aligners for review by their dentist or orthodontist to ensure a proper fit.

Through SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry platform, an affiliated network of New Zealand registered dentists and orthodontists review the 3D images, along with a customer’s photos, profile, medical and dental history to remotely diagnose, and if appropriate, prescribe and manage each customer’s treatment from start to finish.

However, the cost of dental treatment was a major barrier for people to visit the dentist. Almost half of the Christchurch respondents have not been to the dentist because the cost was too high. SmileDirectClub’s chief clinical officer Dr Jeffrey Sulitzer says oral healthcare is particularly expensive in New Zealand compared to other countries around the world.

“The research from SmileDirectClub, in addition to data from the Ministry of Health, highlight that cost is the number one barrier preventing Kiwis from accessing dental care, which is worrying. “We know that good oral health means good overall health, so it’s important that looking after your teeth is as much of a priority as working out or eating well,” he says.

The Christchurch SmileShop is located at 70-72 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, and open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
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