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Everyday luxury lands in Dunedin

4 August 2022
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With champagne flowing and Otago’s most stylish in attendance, beloved Kiwi fashion label Moochi opened the doors of its brand new Dunedin store last week.

Following the success of Moochi Christchurch, Nelson and Queenstown, and to complement the already huge and loyal online South Island following, Dunedin Moochi Signal takes up residence in the Meridian Mall on George Street, allowing the city’s minimalist dressers the opportunity to experience in person the sophisticated ease and signature service the brand is renowned for.

In response to an ever-growing customer base, opening the next South Island location in Dunedin was a natural choice, according to Moochi’s founders and directors Kellie and Chris Taylor.

“We create Moochi for New Zealand women to feel effortless and to add a little bit of luxury to her every day, so it’s personally very satisfying to bring our iconic New Zealand brand to Dunedin,” says Kellie.

“It has taken us way too long to get here and we’re grateful for the local following that has grown throughout the years. With both my children being part of the student landscape at Otago University, Dunedin has become part of our personal family story, and it feels fitting to now have a Moochi store here too.”

Drawing on that sense of community and collaboration at the heart of the Moochi story, the store name once again takes inspiration from its local surroundings. A tribute to the city’s iconic 393-metre hill, Moochi Signal exudes a familiar yet uniquely Dunedin feel.

Set amongst the bustling heart of Dunedin’s CBD, complemented by a curated mix of contemporary shopping and dining, the street-facing store aptly reflects the Moochi effortless aesthetic.

This is thoughtfully achieved through a monochromatic neutral colour palette, clean lines, built-in solid shelving, metallic accents, and wide open spaces. Designed in-house, it projects an airy yet welcoming ambience, in keeping with the Moochi wider principles of refinement, comfort and ease.

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1. The Shacket in Grey/Black Check, $529.99; 2. Serves sweater in Olive Marle, $359.99; 3. Ellipse dress, $299.99; 4. Shearl Tab slides, $279.99; 5. Strata dress in Grey Blue, $299.99

Style editor and major Moochi fan Josie Steenhart was on hand to peruse the very stylish rails; here she shares some of her top picks to look out for at the Signal store.

The Shacket in Grey/Black Check, $529.99

If you live in Otago and don’t own a shacket, trust me, you’re missing a trick. As the name suggests, a cosy-chic, super versatile fusion of shirt and jacket, this extra long design in an understated check and warm wool blend will work hard in your winter wardrobe and can be worn over pretty much everything, as a middle or final layer.

Strata Dress in Grey Blue, $299.99

While there might be a shortage of blue sky above, this luxe relaxed-fit dress is the perfect way to bring some mood-enhancing colour back into a grey and dreary winter, and then can be worn right into summer - just swap tights and boots for sandals. Extra points for the pretty ruffled drop hem.

Ellipse Dress, $299.99

Elegantly long-sleeved, in the above-the-knee length of right now, cleverly ruched to hug in all the right places and cut from a beautifully comfortable stretch fabric, in my opinion this universally flattering, wear-anywhere number is the LBD (that’s Little Black Dress for the non-fashionistas) for 2022 and beyond.

Shearl Tab Slides, $279.99

Normally I would concur that it’s way too early to be thinking about wearing sandals down south, but with the snug and stylish addition of 100% sheepskin shearling, these slick slides make it entirely possible. Team with socks or tights for now, then dare to bare those toes (with a little extra warmth than non-fluffy slides) when the thaw comes.

Serves Sweater in Olive Marle, $359.99

As something of a minimalist dresser myself, I find it hard to go past a plain black knit when it comes to everyday essentials, but this unique, understated yet somehow super compelling shade totally turned my head and I can see it working so well with everything in my wardrobe (including all those other black pieces we own, amiright Dunedin?!) - not to mention effortlessly elevating them. The fact it’s beautifully cut from an alpaca/merino wool blend makes it even more delightful!

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Moochi Signal, now open at 285 George Street, Dunedin.

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