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5 May 2022
Camilla Freeman Topper and Marc Freeman.

Cult Aussie fashion label Camilla and Marc is once again encouraging women worldwide to talk about their ovaries with their annual campaign ‘Ovaries. Talk About Them’, which aims to raise awareness and fund research into ovarian cancer. Words Hannah Brown

Globally the deadliest cancer to affect women, ovarian cancer impacts millions of women – and here in New Zealand our rates are some of the highest per capita in the world – with 300 cases reported each year. In the last 30 years the statistics have not changed, and there is no early detection test available.

The campaign, launched in 2020, is in its third year, and for 2022, the brand’s founders Camilla Freeman Topper and Marc Freeman have announced a AU$1million fundraising goal.

They want the impact to expand by increasing awareness around the issues women face when asking for medical help, breaking down the taboos around women’s menstrual cycles, which have had negative effects for women receiving the correct diagnosis in the medical community.

Ovarian cancer is desperately under-funded and the awareness remarkably low for a disease that is the deadliest female cancer,” says Marc. “We want to change that through this powerful campaign.”

He hopes that through the work they are doing, women can get the early detection tests they deserve.

“Women deserve a test,” adds Camilla. “My mother passed away 28 years ago, and statistics have barely changed, largely due to funding and awareness. Through this bold campaign, we are driving a new conversation for ovarian cancer so that women can feel confident to talk about their bodies, and rightly claim what they deserve as a basic healthcare right.”

With 100% of sales donated directly to the cause, the 2022 ‘Ovaries. Talk About Them’ capsule collection comes in a palette of deep navy and cream and is defined by two unisex sweaters, two unisex t-shirts, a children’s t-shirt, a cap, and a canvas tote, and is available online for a limited time while stocks last. 

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