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3 October 2018
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Words Ella James

Ahead of November’s horse play, we’ve reached out to Susi Meares (Seventh and Figg), the couture milliner whose sterling advice and superlative creations will have you galloping towards the hat stands.

This year Susi predicts a sea of bright, bold colours, in particular emerald green. Florals will also be bigger than ever, so it’s time to have some fun with your headpiece.

When quizzed on whether the dress or fascinator should be purchased first, Susi is quick to the post with her answer, which was – of course – the fascinator, and for good reason. It’s far easier to find a dress that complements an existing fascinator than it is to find a fascinator that suits a dress. Your fascinator will be the statement piece, so purchase that first and the rest will fall into place.

Then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be utterly confused by the different dress codes for particular races, so I asked Susi what style of fascinator would do me no wrong, no matter the race. The solution is the timeless saucer-base fascinator, and we’ll be purchasing one stat.

As a Cup and Show Week newbie, Susi gave me some advice that will certainly be taken into account. When it comes to fascinators, despite any doubts, there is something for everyone. Just start small and subtle, and you’ll grow in confidence with each race. So, you’d better clear out a shelf in your wardrobe.

Wear it well

Square face shape: Soften your face with aspects of feathering or veiling.

Oval face shape: You lucky thing, you suit almost any style.

Heart face shape: Whilst most styles will suit, avoid emphasising your forehead with larger styles.

Round face shape: Elongate your face with asymmetrical fascinators or wear yours on an angle.

Worn with glasses: Bigger is better, as your glasses will drown out smaller fascinators.

Shorter people: Draw the eye upwards with an upward-turning brim.

Taller people: Avoid skyscraper height and opt for width instead.

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