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Spring fling

26 October 2022
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Whether you’re off to the races or just want to replicate a little of the uniquely vivacious vibe, look to lush spring hues, elegant yet playful shapes and luxe, lighthearted accessories.

1. Juliette Hogan Magda dress in Lavender, $779

2. Kowtow Parasol hat in Greige, $129

3. Karen Walker Fantasia sunglasses in Taupe, $320

4. Ganni Seersucker Check dress, $469 at Workshop

5. BLAK Power dress in Italian Blue, $299

6. Twenty-Seven Names Elysium dress, $520

7. Marle Sal dress in Ink, $400

8. Nicole Rebstock Celia sandals in Blush, $279

9. Mina Bloom dress in Blue Gingham, $465

10. Hej Hej She’s Wrapped dress in Lemon Spot, $385

11. Mi Piaci Molly mules in Lime, $280

12. Sophie So Boater hat in Natural, $68

13. Kate Sylvester Violet sunglasses in Rose, $299

14. Merchant 1948 Maxine sandals in Lilac, $230

15. Kathryn Wilson Calabasas slides in Blush, $319

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