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Style setters

Whether it’s colour, cut or style, you don’t want a strand out of place when you leave a salon. Let us introduce you to three Bliss Hair stylists known for their expert execution.

What should we do if we’re after a new look?

Hair texture and face shape play a significant part in the style you want to achieve. (Figure out your face shape by looking at your jawline.) Next, consider your lifestyle, as this represents who you are what you do. If you have a busy life, you will want a low-maintenance look.

Schedule a consultation with the hair stylist and bring with you some photos of the style you like.  A stylist can determine if that style will suit your hair texture and face shape. Hairstyle can affect you in a very powerful way. It can also bring you a lot more self-confidence and empowerment.


Sophie Mathews
What do you see as being this summer’s trend?

Blonde! With 60% of my clients being blonde, I love creating sun-kissed balayage and ombres by adding hues of warmth – think creamy champagne and apricot rose tones.

What’s new in the world of hair colour?

The best technology that has come through in colour is Redken PH Bonder. It leaves your hair feeling strong, soft and shiny as the bonder restores the hair fibre during the colour process, helping reduce breakage for increased strength. I highly recommend this service to all my blondies.


Sophie Tunstall

In what part of hairdressing does your passion lie?

Styling and finishing hair for events, or lasting blowdries – for a week with no hair worries. I love turning classic looks like chignon or French rolls into something more modern and textured.

What do you wish people did more often?

I would love if clients popped in to get a gorgeous blowwave before they headed out on Fridays and Saturdays.

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