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Style’s most wanted

18 August 2022
style wishlist august2022

From sunshine-hued cosy coats, dazzling opal and diamond earrings and snug-chic wool totes to clever French candles, captivating fragrances and beautifully woven blankets, here’s what we’re coveting this month.

  1. Gloria Modern Times wool coat in Maximum Yellow, $780
  2. Dehei limited-edition Stansborough wool blanket, $396
  3. Honest Wolf The Tote wool bag in Forest Green, $399
  4. La Tribe Aria Braided leather clogs, $290
  5. An Organised Life x The Curve finance & investment planner, $51
  6. Città Trace dining chair in Walnut, $640
  7. Michael Hill opal, diamonds and 10kt gold stud earrings, $399
  8. Diptyque La Droguerie odour-removing candle, $103 at Mecca
  9. Brent Forbes ‘Untitled’ mixed media on canvas, $890 at Little River Gallery
  10. Jo Malone London Crystal Campion cologne 30ml, $122
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