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Christchurch locals now have the unique opportunity to spend time in celebrated architect Sir Miles Warren’s living room, located at his seminal former dwelling and workplace at 65 Cambridge Terrace, with leading design and craft gallery Objectspace moving into the special space earlier this year. We spoke to Objectspace’s Victoria McAdam to find out more…
Kiwi creative, actor and environmentalist Bryce Langston launched his YouTube channel Living Big in a Tiny House in 2013, and a decade later, with partner Rasa Pescud, has more than 4.5 million subscribers and a global following. Here he shares a peek inside two of his own New Zealand-based tiny homes.
The Christchurch Town Hall is once again the place that commands attention, not just for the performances that resound within, but the commanding architecture throughout.
Architect Richard Dalman gives us his definition of luxury in today’s hotels.
The construction and operation of buildings is a major contributor to the demise of our natural environment.
The holiday season is a time when people return home to visit friends and family - but what creates this feeling of 'home' in our cities?
Opening officially on October 12, Turanga has already struck a chord with architect Richard Dalman.
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