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Take the time to treat yourself

28 May 2021

If spending money on ourselves was an Olympic sport, we’d all be serious contenders for the gold medal. But spending time on ourselves? Most of us barely make it to the start line. Which is why perhaps, taking time to get pampered is the most luxurious thing of all. We’ve been speaking to some of the South Island’s most sumptuous spas to get the low down on their most luxurious signature treatments. An appointment at any of the following gems is sure to leave you looking and feeling a million bucks, so block out a few hours in your hectic schedule and enjoy.

A Sothys Youth Intensive treatment at Jouvence

Did you know that 80% of ageing is said to be caused by the environment, whilst just 20% is purely biological? Me either, until I visited Merivale’s Jouvence for a Sothys Youth Intensive treatment, which put all of my ageing woes to bed. This particular treatment targets that 80%, and in my opinion, it hits the bullseye. A sweet, floral treatment that leaves you smelling like a lolly pop, this is not. Instead, this treatment gets down to business, and the results are phenomenal. The most professional Anneka executed the treatment and I felt in superb hands from start to finish.

The ultra-sophisticated treatment combats the signs of ageing, namely slackened skin and wrinkles. Anneka explains just how wonderful the results are after just three treatments. It can take up to six years off the skin, and the satisfaction rates from Sothys audience speak for themselves. After three treatments, 100% of people tested were satisfied with both the overall anti-wrinkle effect and the firming effect. Anneka pointed to some before and after photographs, and they really did speak a thousand words.

This treatment isn’t just water and suds, its one hour and fifteen minutes of pure magic. Actually, I was so euphoric as a result of the treatment that when I was getting dressed, I put my shoes on the wrong feet. I left, face glowing, with an abundance of information that heightened the overall experience. Honestly, this treatment is incredible. Book me in for an appointment every four weeks, for the rest of my life please.

STYLE SAYS: Make the most of their wonderfully knowledgeable staff. They can recommend the best products to use for those long weeks in between the highly anticipated appointments.

A session at Cloud 9 Float Club

With such manic lifestyles that never seem to give, taking some time to relax is arguably the biggest luxury of all. Enter, Cloud 9 Float Club. With benefits including both muscle tension and stress relief, as well as aiding productivity and creativity, making an appointment for late January after a busy festive season seemed like an obvious thing to do.

After chatting to the radiant staff about the pods, I floated for 60 blissful minutes, in approximately 450kg of Epsom salts. For the duration, I felt physically and mentally weightless. This surreal, other worldly experience is one that I would one hundred percent recommend to anyone looking for some high quality ‘me time’.

STYLE SAYS: During your float, your creative juices will really start to flow. Take a note pad or have your phone to hand so that you can write down all of your new ideas after your session.

The Exotic Island Spa Retreat at Champs-Elysées

Do you ever feel desperately in need of a tropical island getaway? All too often, time and money restraints simply won’t allow for it. But never fear, the Exotic Island Spa Retreat at Champs-Elysées will transport you to that beachside villa. Whenever I visit a day spa, I find choosing a treatment from the long list an almost impossible task. Of course, I could pick more than one but really, who has the time? Well, the exquisite team who work at Champs-Elysées don’t believe that the time poor should miss out and so, they created the aforementioned package.

In ninety minutes, you’ll feel brand new. During this time, you’ll experience an unforgettable back, neck and shoulder massage, a glorious foot soak, scrub and massage and an exotic Island facial. The products from Pure Fiji further enhance the experience. This treatment really is a one-stop shop to have you feeling refreshed, as though you’ve just spent a fortnight in paradise. There’s little wonder this particular treatment is such a firm favourite amongst their client base, old and new.

STYLE SAYS: Pop in to Champs-Elysées and pick up a flyer to stick on your fridge. Valentine ’s Day is coming up and it’s high time to start dropping hints.

The 60-minute ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy facial at Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa

‘That felt amazing, but did it really do anything for my skin?’ is all too often, the first thing I ask myself after having a facial. But with the 60-minute ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy facial at the award-winning Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa, yes, the spa surrounded by expansive gardens and a lake with swans, you can see and feel the results. From the opulent lounge that overlooks the tranquil garden to the light hand and foot massage that I received as my facemask set, the whole experience is hugely luxurious.

Oh, and the facial itself? My skin was left feeling silken yet firm. Said facial is clinically proven (by independent trials) to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 97% and improve skin firmness by up to 93% after just 1 treatment, and that I can believe. I left the day spa feeling a decade younger having submerged myself in this most sumptuous spa treatment.

STYLE SAYS: Book your facial in for a time that you won’t be required to wear make-up shortly after. When feeling so radiant, you surely won’t wish to apply cosmetics.

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