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That’s a wrap

11 July 2023
Follow the numbers.

Crack the coat this winter with our picks of the cosiest on-trend outerwear, from the warm and
fluffy to the covetably quilted and the sleek and chic.

  1. Obi Macintosh Plaid coat in Ink, $569 at Zebrano
  2. Nicole Rebstock Medium Molten sterling silver hoop earrings, $119
  3. Harris Tapper Everett jacket, $599
  4. Marle Toulon coat, $600
  5. Kate Sylvester Meret jacket in Rose, $699
  6. Moochi Surround coat in Oatmeal, $630
  7. SOPHIE Checks scarf, $92
  8. Briarwood Mandall coat in Camel, $499
  9. Karen Walker Underground coat in Burgundy, $845
  10. Juliette Hogan Daily jacket, $629;
  11. Liam Sesame silk scrunchie in Chestnut Brown, $49;
  12. Kowtow Quilted jacket in Moss, $429
  13. Silk & Steel Nautica 14k gold-plated sterling silver hoop earrings, $269
  14. Ruby August coat in Khaki, $499

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