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The ABC's of men's fashion

M is for moccasins

Moccasins look dapper when worn with cropped chinos and a cotton shirt or statement jumper. This style of footwear is perfect for quickly kicking off before a walk on the beach, but don’t don your moccasins when it’s damp out. Whilst they’re totally stylish, made for the elements they are not. Colour wise, the world is your oyster as these shoes look suave in any shade, with our favourite shoe designers expanding their palettes with each new season. Styles that are embellished with tassels and studs may take a little more confidence to pull off, but we certainly think it’s worth the risk. Comfort and style, guaranteed. (‘Gommino’ shoes available from


N is for necktie

Neckties are arguably the most essential menswear accessory. Whether for work, dinner, weddings and so forth, a rack of quality neckties is an absolute must for any respectable gentleman. The thing that will set your personal tie collection apart from the rest is variety. A range of textures, colours, patterns and widths will ensure you’ve got an enviable tie to hand for any given occasion. So make like Jason Statham and Alexander Skarsgard and get tying.


O is for overcoat

Don’t let the promise of warmer months catch you off guard; an overcoat is a year-round staple that, more often than not, extends well below the knee. While shorter styles are available, to achieve that elegant and most iconic silhouette, we recommend opting for the aforementioned below the knee cut. After all, the longer they are, the warmer they’ll keep you. When it comes to material, don’t settle for less than 100% wool; it won’t absorb water or too much cash from your wallet. (‘Corneliani’ checked tailored-fit wool overcoat available from

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