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The looks of the season

2019 iD International Emerging Designer Awards. Regent Theatre, Dunedin, New Zealand. Friday 15 March 2019. Photo: Chris Sullivan/iD Dunedin

During iD Dunedin Fashion Week, Kate Preece had the opportunity to hear what L’Oreal Makeup Director Lisa Matson had to say about the trends in make-up. And – like it or not – her first piece on intel was about glitter.

All that glitters… is in

Whether it’s on the lips, eyes or nails, it’s all about that sparkle this autumn/winter season. As proof, a silver stripe of it was applied to the eyelids of all the models at the 2019 iD International Emerging Designer Show. (They rocked it.)

Fresh and dewy

As we age, our skin becomes dull. Sorry, it’s true. Lisa suggests we mix in a luminising product in with our foundation to help deliver that much desired – and très fashionable – dewy finish.

The dirty look

When all that glitters just doesn’t suit, the smoky eye is on point. Create a “dirty” look with smudges and smears of browns and bronze – “The biggest shade in fashion”. “If it looks badly done, it’s probably fashionable,” says Lisa.

Are you blushing?

On top of a dewy skin, a soft flush is what we want on the cheeks, so turn to shades of pink and peach.

As with all makeup, the pressure you use on application is going to have the most impact on the end result. So, when it comes to blush, go lightly. Knock most of the colour off your brush, smile, and start with those apples, before fading out to the temples. Remember, blush is not a contour.

I see red

Fortunately, the classic hot red lipstick remains a hit. However, if you’re not that daring and concerned with which shade is best for you, simply turn to a pink-red; Lisa says it “suits everyone”.

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