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Portals & bungy cords: How the Easter Bunny will deliver

28 May 2021
Easter Composition In Pastel Colors With Eggs And Rabbit Ears

For many children, the carrots and water should be put out on Sunday, no matter what. Lockdown or no lockdown, the Easter Bunny will come through writes Kate Preece.

“He’ll use a portal,” Ava says, matter-of-factly, her eyes lighting up as the cogs start to spin. Discussions with the nine-year-old soon clear up at least one option for how the chocolate could arrive safely during lockdown. The intricate plan involves a combination of portals, ropes and chickens.

With routines out the window and school led by parents, it’s a strange time for our children. Just this morning, my six-year-old asked, “When can I go back to school? When does lockdown end? When’s Easter?”

A little magic might go a long way.

So, back to the bunny. What’s it going to take for contactless delivery?

“The Easter Bunny will go through a portal, with a rope attached around his feet,” Ava explains.

“Then, when he arrives at your house, his ears will be 30cm off the ground and he will put the eggs and bunnies on the closest platform he can find.”

This bungy-jumping bunny will cleanly deposit the goods and bounce back. It seems a cunning plan. But what’s this about chickens?

“Oh, they will be at the other end, in a line, pulling up the Easter Bunny after he has done his job.”

Flawless, it would seem.

For other children, like Isabella (13), there’s less need for such acrobatics, when, quite simply, “The Easter Bunny is immune to Covid-19.” So, this ‘essential’ service can continue: “It’s business as usual.” And to prove it, she has drawn us an insider’s view of the very factory where the chocolate goodies are being readied.


For those on the fence, six-year-old Henry has some tips to ensure the Easter Bunny’s movements are streamlined.

“We can help him out, by having some other things around our house,” he advises. “Like cars to block the driveway so no one can come to have sleepovers and bring Covid-19.”

With this rabbit facing the race of his life, Henry’s other idea is focused on fuelling those hop-along legs.

“We could make a bow and arrow with carrots as arrows, and fire these all around the house for decorations. Then, he could eat the carrots and get more energy to get around the place, and go really fast.

“Then he won’t get Covid-19 because he will be too fast – it [the virus] will be way behind him.”

Drawing on the successes of other legends, like Father Christmas, it also may pay to place your egg baskets near the chimney, which is the next logical plan for a contactless delivery. “Only if it’s not a cold night,” adds Ava. “We don’t want the chocolate to melt.”

At the end of the day, it’s going to be the race of his life for our dearly beloved rabbit, who we trust will be pulling something truly inspired out of his hat this year.

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