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After a decade abroad, Hope Williams has returned to Christchurch with partner Matt Leadbetter to launch luxury lifestyle supplement brand OtherNature.
With a new bricks-and-mortar store and rising interest in its unique offering, Dunedin-based natural health company Wild Dispensary is growing, in all senses of the word…
Courageous Cantabrian Hannah Hardy-Jones is helping beat the global mental health crisis, one app at a time.
Sir John Kirwan is hitting the road for a great cause, driving an estimated 2,100km across the country to raise his goal of $1M for the mental health of kids in Aotearoa.
Wendly Nissen shares some healing plants you can grow at home.
If you tend to overeat at times, naturopath Deanna Copland suggests these simple changes will help you to avoid going too far.
Food fuels us. It gives us pleasure. It connects us to friends and family. But for many eaters, the land and people who produce our food can seem distant. We all have a yearning for connection, and food plays an intimate part of that, says Eat New Zealand CEO Angela Clifford in conversation with Anna Wallace.
With the end of another year in sight, now’s the time to determine what emotional baggage it truly worth carrying through to 2020.
The connection between physical activity and mental wellbeing goes deeper than endorphins, and those in the business of getting us moving are making sure we know about it.
We know we need to move our bodies to be fighting fit for whatever life throws our way, but among the excuses is the one about not knowing where to start.
When you go out into your garden, are you truly present? Are you really experiencing each moment?
Is fat still something to fear or something to revere? High-protein, low-carb diets are the diets du jour going into 2019 but if you’re dallying with keto first consider whether you could stomach 1500 calories from fat a day.
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